Home Sweet Home: Part 8 – Nearing completion

It has been almost 2 months since we have collected our keys. And I am pleased to say, we are nearing completion in about 2 weeks’ time. I can’t wait to bid this non-stop action goodbye as I am honestly feeling a tinge of weariness amidst the joy and excitement. Especially after today’s action-packed morning of rushing up on a taxi to open the door for the contractors and then rushing down back to city area within the next hour. I really wish to be able to move into our home and enjoy the fruits of our labour soon.

What are my reflections from this process? I just wished I knew how to do plumbing, electrical works, retiling, carpentry etc. all by myself, so I won’t be so helpless and have to rely on the contractors/vendors to do them for me. I won’t have to be repeatedly worry whether the workers will do their job well, or create more problems along the way. There won’t be the mindless game of waiting, just waiting for them to come by to fix that particular spot or tile for instance.

But really glad to have the support of my family and Mister along the way to help shoulder some responsibilities:) It is way too taxing to be handling it alone. Now I know why some people prefer to buy showflat units, because it is already nicely done-up and is in move-in condition.

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