[Loop Fridays] DON’T BE HAPPY & 썸남썸녀 – MAMAMOO

Here’s introducing my new-found love, MAMAMOO! Don’t they have an interesting name?

MAMAMOO is a new 4-member R&B girl group under WA entertainment. The members are Solar, Moon Byul, Whee In and Wha Sa. MAMAMOO, being an R&B group (very seldom is there a female R&B group), is able to jazz up the K-pop industry with their fresh new look and sound.

Clockwise From Top Left: Solar,Moon Byul,Wha Sa,Whee In

I got to know them with their debut song ‘Don’t Be Happy’ featuring Bumkey (♥ 3♥). It’s MAMAMOO’s first epic collaboration!

‘Don’t Be Happy’, featuring Bumkey, is a soulful and jazzy single that shows how heartbroken the singer is and how she hopes the ex will never ever be happy with another. This unique black and white MV has the song starting at the second half of the official version. Hence, you probably can’t hear much of Bumkey’s voice.

But that is understandable because the MV is meant to showcase the vocal talents of each member.

Don’t Be Happy – MAMAMOO 

MAMAMOO’s second epic collaboration is with K.Will (♥ 3♥) and Wheesung – ‘썸남썸녀 (Peppermint Chocolate)’! This song is vastly different from ‘Don’t Be Happy’ as it is has an upbeat disco sound to it! Other than the 2 big shots featured in this song, the MV also has cute cameos from VIXX’s Hongbin and N!

A splash of colour can be found in this MV as compared to the full black and white ‘Don’t Be Happy’ MV.

썸남썸 (Peppermint Chocolate) – MAMAMOO

After listening to both ‘Don’t Be Happy’ and ‘썸남썸녀 (Peppermint Chocolate)’, I am really impressed with MAMAMOO for having 4 very talented members! We are talking about members with remarkable vocals and have the ability to portray a modern, classy and independent image.

My eyes are fixed on this group ^^ I can’t wait for their next song!

♥ 하루

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2 Responses to [Loop Fridays] DON’T BE HAPPY & 썸남썸녀 – MAMAMOO

  1. ving says:

    Thanks for introducing Mamamoo! I’ve not heard of them before reading this post. They’ve nice voices!!
    And K.Will’s voice is simply jjang…… Hahaha daebak…

    • haruandbam says:

      No problem! I chanced upon them on Youtube and really think they have awesome vocals! ^^
      Agree that K.Will is daebak!

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